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Santafé’s origins began in 1952 just outside of Bogotá, Colombia, where the highest quality clay mines are located. Our production began with bricks and blocks, the base building material used to construct much of the infrastructure of Bogotá and surrounding cities.

In 1991 exports to United States and Caribbean markets began after construction was completed on a state of the art roller kiln, allowing Santafé to perfect its products even further. With our 10 production facilities located in and around Bogotá, Santafé is the largest clay product manufacturer in South America, processing more than 3600 tons of clay per day.

In addition, Santafé is one of the largest clay roof tile importers into the United States today. With over 50 colors and three profiles in our exceptional quality line of Roof Tiles, Santafé has a product to add beauty and value to any home or commercial building.
Santafe Tile Corp opened in 1993 in Medley, Florida, as the main office in the US territory to provide customers with prompt product availability, sales support and superior customer service. Since then, Santafe clay roof tiles have been known as high quality, excellent performance and color variety roofing tiles. Now offering Spanish S, Mission Barrel, Royal and Flat Tile, Santafe clay roof tiles continue innovating everyday to be on top of the market demands, like superior quality at an affordable price, energy efficient roof tiles and color options to satisfy the most creative minds.

Santafé believes that the “Magic” within its clay roof tiles is achieved by combining the skills and experience of the “Artisan”, innovative technologies and the gift of the clay from Mother Nature. Together, they combine to create a “Santafé” product.