Santafé Goes Up: Northern USA & Canada

With the launch of the Prestige Collection, Santafé started promoting its products and brand in northern markets.  Prestige is a clay roof tile that has been tested and approved to be installed in geographical areas where freezing and thawing cycles happen during the winter season. This represents a challenge for some building products and clay roof tiles that do not have the right properties to sustain these weather changes. But Santafé Prestige Collection has arrived with a Grade 1 clay roof tile that provides customers in northern regions with the beauty and durability of clay roof tiles, and a warranty they trust.

The Prestige Collection comes in two styles: Spanish “S” and “Báltica Collection”. The color palette is consisted of vibrant, rich colors that do not fade or peel-off over time, thanks to the ceramic process and rigorous quality control Santafé tiles go through. To see all the options, click here.

To support and provide the best purchasing experience, Santafé has Sales Representative Robert Aguilar, who covers the States of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

Customers in other areas may contact Santafé’s main office for assistance: 1-888-305-TILE –