Our Origins

#1 Colombian Clay Manufacturer


A Top Manufacturer

Ladrillera Santafé is a Colombian company with over 60 years of history in the construction materials’ industry. We are the largest manufacturers of clay bricks and clay roof tiles in Colombia and one of the top five companies in the region.

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We are the leaders in exporting clay roof tiles and our brand Santafé® is well known at an international level by architects, builders, installers, and homeowners. Our clay roof tiles are installed in various regions of the world, including North America, Central America, the Caribbean islands, South America, and Africa.

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U.S. Market

We have a strong presence in the U.S. market, especially in Florida and other Sun Belt states, including Hawaii. We have proudly installed more than 90 million roofing tiles in the country over the past 25 years. Our brand Santafé – The Masters in Clay – is recognized by roofing contractors and installers as the No. 1 Clay Roof Tile in the market.

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Innovation and Quality

Our portfolio is composed of innovative and high-quality clay roof tiles that can be easily adjusted to the architectonic trends and the specific technical requirements of the markets in which we participate in.

Apart of clay roof tiles, we also successfully export from Colombia pavers and façade clay products that enrich and increase the esthetic beauty and value of the international projects that are constructed with our products.

At Ladrillera Santafé we identify ourselves as leaders, pioneers, experts, and as trustworthy individuals.