Santafé The Masters in Clay

Manufacturing high quality Clay Roof Tiles has been a tradition for Santafé. With a large variety of colors and green roof tiles available, Santafé has become one of the best options when looking for clay roofing tiles.

Why Clay?

Santafé believes that the magic within its clay roof tiles is achieved by combining the skills and experience of the Artisan, innovative technologies and the gift of the clay from Mother Nature. Together, they combine to create a “Santafé” product.


Colors don’t fade over time, even after pressure washing.


662 lbs per square inch (Santafé Spanish “S”) compared to concrete 840-940 lbs per square inch.


Santafé’s water absorption average is 5-7%, compared to concrete standard 13%.


Contrary to popular belief, clay roof tiles are very strong. Santafé’s tiles have higher transverse strength than concrete tiles.


Santafé’s clay tiles are almost maintenance free (especially with ceramic and glazed finishes).