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To see the movie of Santafe roof tile in the home Page you need to install the Flash 7 or above and turn on Javascript - Manufacturing high quality Clay Roof Tiles has been a tradition for Santafe. With a large variety of colors and green roof tiles available, Santafe has become one of the best options when looking for clay roofing tiles.
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Making the Beauty of Your Home Come to Life

Santafe manufacturing clay roof tileSantafe 20th Years AnniversaryThe raw materials have always been the same, provided by Mother Nature. Santafé believes that the magic within clay products is achieved by the skills of the “Artisan”. That is why we have worked so hard to find the perfect balance between technology and tradition to provide our customers with products that combine all the advantages of the first with the authenticity of the latter. Here is where the magic of fire, the beauty of the clay and the creativity of man unite to give life to a product with natural beauty, a Santafe product, by The Masters in Clay.

Santafe Tile is an Energy Star Partner