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In 1990 Ladrillera Santafé seizes a business opportunity in the roof tile industry in United States, Central America and the Caribbean. For this reason it decided to export clay roof tiles and took the initiative of creating the international branch ¨Santafé Tile Corporation¨. By strongly believing in its abilities to react and adapt to the market requirements, Ladrillera Santafé invested in a state of art roof tile plant that would use the highest quality Colombian clay as its raw material.


Santafé Tile Corporation, a subsidiary company of Ladrillera Santafé, was established in Miami, Florida, with the goal of strengthening its presence in the region.

This allowed the company to understand at first hand the customer´s needs and requirements, enhancing its relationship with its clients by offering them a high quality service.


After more than 25 years of offering clay tiles from our parent company in Colombia, today we present the new and exciting solutions from La Escandella, from Spain. Our expertise as well as our commitment to offering our valued customers and the US market the best roofing solutions possible led us to this world class supplier. Discover their product portfolio, the ease of their installation system and the beauty of the finished product with Santafé Tile´s full guarantee.

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