Evolution and Milestones

Santafé The Masters in Clay is innovation, quality, service, support, and guarantee.

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In 1990 Ladrillera Santafé seized a business opportunity in the roof tile industry in United States, Central America and the Caribbean. For this reason it decided to export clay roof tiles and took the initiative of creating the international branch “Santafé The Masters in Clay”. By strongly believing in its abilities to react and adapt to the market requirements, Ladrillera Santafé invested in a state of the art roof tile plant that would use the highest quality Colombian clay as its raw material.

Santafé tiles



Santafé Tile Corporation, a subsidiary company of Ladrillera Santafé, was established in Miami, Florida, with the goal of strengthening its presence in the region. This allowed the company to understand at first hand the customer’s needs and requirements, enhancing its relationship with its clients by offering them a high quality service.

Santafé tiles



At Santafé – The Masters in Clay – we prioritize customer’s satisfaction by constantly developing innovative, trend setting, and high quality clay roof tiles. We accomplish this permanent development by offering a portfolio of products with variety of forms and colors fulfilling the needs of new construction or remodeling projects. Thanks to our steady presence in the market and our long-run commitment with our customers, we can proudly say we are leaders in the clay roof tile industry in the United States*, Central America and the Caribbean islands. Our roof tiles have even reached destinations as far as Africa and the Middle East, which proves that Santafé – The Masters in Clay – has no geographical limits.
*Source: Piers 2017