Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

Once you have made your decision and selected the right clay roof tile for your project, your order should be placed at one of our national distribution channels. Santafé sells all its products through authorized distributors only (roofing suppliers). To find the nearest distributor to you, click here.

How do I request a sample?

Santafé strongly recommends customers to request a sample of the product before ordering. Samples are free (up to 3) and can be requested to your roofing contractor, developer, architect or distributor. You can also make your request directly to Santafé by completing the online form.

Order changes and cancellations

In general, orders cannot be cancelled. Nevertheless, certain exemptions may be made depending on particular situations.

If cancellation is approved once an order has been placed, there are a few considerations:

  • If the order is of a stock item and there has not been a break down (open or preparing pallets/partial pallets) there is no fee associated to changes or cancellations.
  • If the order is of a stock item, but labor has been incurred to break down pallets (open or preparing pallets/partial pallets), there will be a fee for each prepared pallet (partial pallets of any kind of product, i.e.: field tiles, trim, eave closures, etc.)
  • Non-stock items: if customer decides to change or cancel a non-stock item order which has been shipped to Miami, there will be a 40% re-stocking fee.
  • Made-to-order: if customer decides to change or cancel while the order is being manufactured, there will be a re-stocking fee of 40% of the total price of the order. If the made-to-order has been manufactured, no cancellations or changes are accepted.
  • Custom color order: There is a one-time, non-refundable fee of $1,000 for developing a special color. Once the order has been approved and sent for production, no cancellations are allowed.


Distributor placing the order will be notified of any special considerations for the order (if it is special order, made to order or non-stock order) and lead times. Always confirm this information with the distributor or roofing contractor you are working with.

How much does Santafé clay roof tiles cost?

Prices vary per roof tile style and color. Since there are many variables involved in the calculation of your project’s needs, Santafé recommends you request different quotes from licensed roofing contractors in your area. Roofing tiles only make a small portion of the total cost of installation. You can always contact one of our Sales Representatives for guidance on what products to choose and where to order them.

How long does it take to get a tile order?

  • If we have the roof tile in stock in Miami, within a week order can be ready for pick.
  • If material is available at the Plant is Spain, lead time is approx. 10-12 weeks. Please refer to the order confirmation for complete details and updates.
  • If not a stock item, or if it is a made-to-order product, please contact us for current lead time.

We are always happy to check on the current lead times for our customers at the time the quote is made or the order placed. These dates are always given with a small margin of error to allow for circumstances beyond our control like weather, customs delays, etc.

Does Santafé offer shipping?

Yes, we offer shipping and in some areas loading as well (US only). Please contact one of our local sales representatives for assistance.

What does “natural variation” in colors mean?

Natural variation of colors or color range refers to the naturally-occurring variation of tones that may be present on clay roof tiles. There are many reasons for this to happen: raw materials composition, the place each tile has in the kiln during the baking process, the composition of the chemicals used to give color (matte, high matte, glazed, etc.). Some profiles are also more prone to color variation, like Báltica collection or Artisan Blend Handmade tiles. Santafé recommends you contact one of our Sales Representatives to help you visualize the potential color variations of the product of your choice through samples, pictures or address of the same or similar product already installed.

Can I identify the color of my Santafé roof tile by the number stamped in the back of the tile?

NO. This number is the manufacturing date of the product and production shift of that day, and does not refer to any profile or color in particular.

Are Santafé products approved by Miami-Dade County?

YES. All our products have the Miami-Dade County and Florida Building Code approvals. You can download them HERE.

Are Santafé products suitable for cold climates?

Yes they are. They have been sold all over the world.

Please contact one of our sales representatives or our main office for assistance on the best product for your area.

How to maintain my rooft tiles

La Escandella roof tiles are considered a low-maintenance product, thanks to the low water absorption and ceramic process they go through (except for Artisan Blend Handmade tile). Nevertheless, and due to the different weather and environmental conditions, there may be instances you would want to have your roof cleaned. Santafé recommends using only water and pressure wash as needed. Remember that any roof job should be done by a professional.

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