Santafé, the masters in clay, is an innovative company that guarantees great quality,
services and support, we are much more than clay.


Santafé Tile Corp. is committed to offering its customers the most dynamic portfolio in clay roofing products. Santafé Tile is recognized as a true clay expert committed to offering a complete roofing solution of the highest quality, productivity, and to protecting the environment, the wellbeing of its employees, communities, suppliers, and profitability.


Become the preferred clay roofing tile company provider for all customers in the market, combining innovating solutions with excellent customer service and operative efficiency throughout the chain value, guaranteeing the business growth and sustainability.



Ceramica La Escandella is a Spanish company with about 60 years of history in the construction material´s industry. Located next to the Mediterranean Sea, La Escandella’s plant offers the largest on-site production capacity worldwide. Today, with quality and innovation as a philosophy, Cerámica La Escandella has achieved the largest collection of premium tiles on the market. The products are highly recognized and featured in the most important and emblematic building projects worldwide.

Alternatively, our Colombian handmade product line is made combining 3 elements, the hands of the Artisan, the beauty of natural clay and the magic of fire. Each tile has a particular color, flashing, and texture becoming a piece of art capturing the character and beauty of the home.

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